What's next for 2023…

⌛️ Tech in 2023 will be one of the best or the most boring years. People are still going to hate web dev, though.

⌛️ Historical post

This article was migrated from the old blog and is being kept for historical purposes.

So, what's next for 2023? 2022 has gone by too fast; I didn't even realise how quickly time has passed. Earlier this year, I wanted time to go by faster; I probably don't want that now. Web technology and software engineering (-ish) has been a big part of me, and I'm always wandering through the big new tech stack. Except I'll still be primarily using React in 2023. I only explored one out of the seven new technologies I wanted to try out in 2022, and that was Ruby.

My 2023 bucket list

  • (From 2022) Finish learning Ruby
  • tRPC
  • Rust
  • UE5 with C++
  • Svelte and SvelteKit
  • Astro

First, I want to finish learning Ruby and add some Rails. I know neither Ruby (on Rails) is prevalent, and I still prefer Next.js, but at least I want to finish something I'm already learning. And hopefully, it's not as hard to understand as some of the other languages on my bucket list — Rust and C++.

Then, there's tRPC. I recently discovered that, and I'm impressed. Looks nice, and with its fantastic TypeScript type-checking, I'll have a wonderful time learning it. I'll use it in some of my other projects too.

Now we have the infamous Rust. I wanted to learn this in 2022, but I held it off for too long, and now I need more motivation. Rust is pretty cool, and the discord.js community says it's good, so it must be good — right?

I have this thing where I'm not too fond of Unity a lot. I don't know why; I tried it once, and it's just not for me. Unreal Engine is my only other option (Godot is imaginary) for a game engine. UE5 supports C++, so I'm also learning that. Not my favourite language, but a good-to-know language for the past, present, and future.

Svelte is growing and growing, and I love that. I skipped the Vue hype train entirely and jumped to Svelte. With the new SvelteKit 1.0 release, I hope it will be fun. <script> tag PTSD, sigh...

Finally, we have Astro. Pretty new candidate here in the THTA (Technology Hype Train Association), but I'm convinced. Whatever that thing that Next.js 13 server components also use, I like it. A lot. Something about islands, I don't know. (dynamic island?!?!)

I also plan to move some of my Next.js projects to Next 13 and server components (the app/ folder thing). Yeah, I'm jumping on too many hype trains. 🚂🚂