The story of how my Discord account got disabled

⌛️ The story of how my Discord account, [GodderE2D]#7290, got disabled and my plans with my new Discord account.

⌛️ Historical post

This article was migrated from the old blog and is being kept for historical purposes.

On Wednesday, April 27th 2022, Discord disabled my [GodderE2D]#7290 account. In the email, it listed that I indicated I was under the age of thirteen or the minimum age of digital consent in my country. Now, before you report me, I'm not actually under 13. I made an age joke in the discord.js server, which by the way, is one of the servers I'm active in. I tried appealing the ban but to no avail. I created a Trust & Safety ticket to appeal my account, however, they ignored me several times and the ticket is currently still marked as open.

This led me to create a new account before my old account is permanently deleted. If you didn't know, Discord accounts that are disabled are permanently deleted within 30 days of disabling. Currently, my new account is [GodderE2D]#5742. Once my Discord accounts get permanently deleted, I will purchase Discord Nitro and change my discriminator to my old one, 7290.

This is what Discord outlined in their email notification about my account being disabled:


Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community. We've found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. As a result, we've disabled your account for the following reason:

You've indicated that you're under the age of 13, or the minimum age of digital consent in your country. You can review the minimum age to use Discord in your country here:

We're required to strictly enforce our age limit for legal reasons, and as such, we'll need to confirm your age if you intend to appeal.

To verify your age, please take a photo of yourself (a selfie) holding BOTH of the following:

  1. A photo ID that contains your date of birth
  2. A piece of paper that shows your Discord username (including last 4 digits following your username)

All of this information needs to be visible in ONE photo.

Once you've taken the photo, submit a request here: and select "Update my age information on Discord."

Sincerely, Discord Trust & Safety

Moving on...

While this was not in my best interest, I created a new Discord account. Moving on is a tough decision everyone has to make in their life. I decided to keep my old username, [GodderE2D], as it has a special meaning in my heart, and plus if I changed my username on Discord it would also mean I have to change it everywhere else, which I am definitely not prepared for that yet. I was also thinking of the name Firesplash. It sounded cool, but in the end, I decided it was not the best for me.

However, a new account cannot replace everything from a preceding account. Messages, special badges (like Early Supporter or Early Bot Developer), and bot data linked to my Discord account will be forever lost.

I'm currently in the process of trying to find my friends on Discord, but without a list, this is a bit hard. I had 50+ friends from my old account and was in 120+ servers. In my new account, I plan to only join servers I talk to on a weekly basis and do the same thing with friends.

What does this mean for me?

Nothing! Well actually, a few things. If you're a server owner or have connections with them and I was in that server, it would mean a lot if you could send me a friend request and we can discuss recovering my previous roles. If you're a bot owner or have connections with them and I used that bot, it would also mean a lot if you could send me a friend request and we can discuss transferring data over from my old account to my new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is copied from my GitHub Gist about my old account being disabled.

What happened?

My account has been \**\falsely\\ disabled by Discord Trust & Safety for being underage (I am over 13).

What did I do?

I have submitted a Discord support ticket to appeal this action. I have included a selfie, a government-issued ID with nothing censored + it includes my date of birth, with a paper handwrittened my Discord username and tag. This is all been provided in one photo.

Did I do anything else?

I have DM'd and tagged @Discord on Twitter and included the relevant information.

Did Discord respond yet?

No. Discord has not responded to my support ticket nor my tweet or DM to them.

Could you explain why your account is disabled?

My Discord account has been disabled due to me jokingly stating that I am under the age of 13 in the discord.js - Imagine a bot community Discord server. It is my fault that I was jokingly stating my age on Discord.

When did this happen?

I sent my violating message at Sunday, April 17 2022 2:25 PM AEST.

My account has been disabled as of Wednesday, April 27 2022 6:48 AM AEST.

What was the message?

i'm 12 ||/j|| (for legal reasons this is a joke)

Sent at Sunday, April 17 2022 2:25 PM AEST (the message has been edited)

Did someone report my account?

It is likely that someone reported my account to Discord. However, I do not have evidence to prove that.

Why did I joke about my age?

I don't know. However, it was my fault and I am owning up to that.

Will Discord re-activate my account?

I personally think that it's unlikely that Discord will re-activate my account. However, miracles do happen and it's better to try than to just give up.

What happens if Discord doesn't reply or deny my appeal?

My account will be permanently deleted if Discord doesn't reply or deny my appeal in 30 days from my account is initally disabled. This will be on Friday, May 27 2022. However, it is likely that my account will be permanently deleted sooner.

Did I have additional accounts using the Switch Accounts feature?

When my Discord account was disabled, no. However, currently there is and is linked to one of my alt accounts.

What does my disabled account have?

It has an ongoing Nitro ($10 version) subscription since January 2022. I will cancel my subscription through Apple on January 6th, one day before my billing date.

Do I own any servers?

Yes. However, they are private servers and they can be remade easily with server backups.

Do I have any verified bots?

No. I do not have any verified bots, nor had I verified my age with Discord before.

Did I supply my real age when initially asked to enter an NSFW channel?

There's a 50% chance I did, and a 50% chance I didn't.

Will I create a new account if my old one gets deleted?

Yes. It has been created, [GodderE2D]#7290, new account!